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وبلاگ دكتر سعيد كاميابي
دکتری تخصصی جغرافیا(گرایش اقلیم در برنامه ریزی محیط)

Geomorphologic and  Design Considerations

     (Case Study: Semnan – Garmsar Road, Iran)



Department of Geography

Islamic Azad University, Semnan Branch





Abstract: Garmsar - Semnan road and railway is a part of Tehran-Mashhad way also a part of the Hableh-Rood and Semnan rivers basin. The area of study is located : E 52o 45' to  E 53o 30 and N 35o 21' 30" to 35o 45' 30" (Iran). The arid and semi-arid regions influence to this area . The important characteristics for semnan water shed are Low and high fluctuation of precipitation and in some years it may exceed annual average. Since there is no control over climate element it is very important to know those change to  assment and study method of safety railway.

 Linear structures (such as high ways, railway, ...) have main and common effects on geomorpholclimatic and rivers hydrologic system and on houses and structures establishment in geomorphology unit in the region which were studied (Hableh-rood and Semnan river basin).This region has relative morphologic stability .Without studying and planning æ this leads to unpleasant results and in turn these results change natural units equation and have effects on people in many ways. On the other hand it has main effects on region economic balance in future and it causes that environmental and safety index will be  decreased. So in this paper æ according to the reaction of Hableh-rood, Semnan and its subrivers and the effects on environmental elements æ it is neccessary to study the following activities: at first organizing a systematic and exact study to change the effect of different selective plans on structures and the way of using them on environment and finally æ the selection of structural projects measurements and linear structures so that they have minimum effects on environment. For these purposes æ continuous researches neccessarities for improvement of the rivers and city zones linking with rivers also application of their results in urban and regional levels æ it is neccessary to systematic studies with comprehensive geographic views which based on different subjective sciences such as geomorphology æ climatology æ hydrology and so on .To distinguish of geomorphologic features and units æ at first aerial  photographs and different geomorphologic units have been showed on  topographic maps. These units have been reviewed in field study and finally comparised features and units has been reviewed in field study.


Key-Words:- Semnan Road - Environmental consideration - Garmsar - Geomorphologic map  Hableh-rood Basin

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ـ مشخصات فردی :
نام خانوادگي: كاميابي
نام: سعيد
تاريخ تولد: 1356
وضعیت تاهل:متاهل
آخرين مدرك و رشته تحصيلي: دکتري تخصصي جغرافياي طبيعي(هيدرو اقليم)
زمینه مورد علاقه و کاری:اقلیم معماری
سال اخذ مدرك تحصيلي : 1385
نوع مدرك تحصيلي : دكتري تخصصی
درجه علمي:استاديار
تعداد مقالات علمی(مجلات و همایشها):50 عدد
نشاني محل كار: دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي واحد علوم و تحقیقات سمنان-
تلفن محل كار: 02333654040
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